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Who we are

Good advice should be close at hand. The Linge law firm is based in Blekinge, an expansive and industrious region in southeast Sweden. With offices in the cities of Karlskrona and Växjö we advise clients from the region in domestic and international business matters as well as international clients doing business in Sweden. We also have a local office in Stockholm.

The firm specialize in business law and our mission is always to provide relevant legal counseling that also supports our client’s commercial objectives.

International law

Legal support across borders ¬– you can get help all around the world.

Many of our clients are engaged in international trade or are engaged in other types of businesses with companies and agencies abroad. We have acquired long experience of handling legal aspects of our clients’ many different business interests in different countries. Through our extensive international contact network we arrange for competent legal representation in other jurisdictions, as well as to obtain accurate and qualified opinions on legal matters in different markets around the world.

We are also longtime members of The International Bar Association. This reputed global network, with headquarters in London, England, is the world’s leading organization of international legal practitioners. It influences law reforms and shapes the future of the legal profession all over the globe.

What we stand for

Counseling that boost business.

To become truly rewarding, legal advice requires a comprehensive knowledge of the conditions, processes and operations of the client company and the business it conducts. The employees at the law firm Linge have for many years worked as corporate legal counsel and as CEO, and have thus obtained a profound understanding of the importance of commitment and business focus. The aim of our legal advice is to go beyond the simple interpretation of the law to bring also added business value to our clients.

Furthermore, we are familiar with and used to manage contacts with different authorities and decision makers on a regional, national and international level, including the European Commission. This experience ensures smooth and effective case management, for the benefit of our clients.

Our keywords are:

  • Legal skills
  • Business focus
  • Commitment
  • Discretion

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