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Business Sectors


The energy industry is very dynamic and changing. Our clients in this business include, for instance, utility companies. Typically we handle issues of financing, permit and environmental questions as well as matters concerning trade and distribution of electricity and district heating. Advice to players in the energy sector requires expertise and experience in contract law, environmental law, real estate and construction law and finance.

Construction and Infrastructure

Infrastructure investments, contracts and other major construction projects are often large undertakings that involve everything from financing and contract signing to procurement and permit applications. We have in-depth experience of contracting and infrastructure projects. Among other things, we assisted telecommunications operators in the deployment of telecommunications networks in Sweden and we have also been involved in a number of energy infrastructure projects in various parts of the world.

We provide qualified advice in construction or infrastructure project at all stages of development – from planning and procurement to final implementation. Among our clients are both entrepreneurs and investors, from public and private sector.

Real Estate

Almost everyone who manages commercial real estate will sooner or later be in need of legal advice to accurately handle some of the many issues related to the ownership, management and use of the various types of property. We are familiar with the many challenges that arise in real estate matters and we assist in all types of cases including rental issues, planning and building matters, licensing, as well as in court hearings.

IT and Telecom

To be able to give useful legal advice to operators in the IT and telecommunications industry a thorough knowledge of the underlying technology is required. We have long and international experience of IT law and we are accustomed with assignments, such as drafting and negotiation agreements concerning, for example, licensing of software, IT services, systems procurement, operation and hosting, transfer of technology and outsourcing.

Moreover, we work with issues such as protection of software, business secrets and other intellectual property and can thus help to protect companies’ technology and knowledge-related investments. We also assist clients in disputes in the IT field, and can also handle IT related issues in connection with acquisitions and business transfers.

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