Are you setting up a business in Sweden and in need of legal advice?
Are you setting up a business in Sweden and in need of legal advice?
Are you uncertain about how a contract should be interpreted?
Are you acquiring a Swedish business?
Are you looking for advice and support with a legal dispute?
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Fields of practice

Business law

All business is constrained by laws, rules and regulations. Consequently, both large and small companies are from time to time in need of legal advice in various areas. We offer legal support in all fields of practice related to business life. Our long experience as legal counsels as well as corporate lawyers and business executives, has taught us how to efficiently combine legal counseling with business focus and commitment.

Corporate law

The management of businesses – whether it is sole proprietorships, partnerships or limited liability companies – is regulated through corporate law. These regulations, which for instance concern the distribution of duties and responsibilities, comprise everything from giant multinational companies with thousands of employees to small family business.

You can benefit greatly from our deep and extensive knowledge on how to set up companies, raise capital, conclude shareholder agreements, handle generational change or establish collaboration between different types of companies. We also have extensive experience in dispute resolution and the business crisis management.

Banking and Financial Law

Do you plan to expand your business? To make an acquisition, launch a major construction project or invest in new property usually requires financing as well as good deal of legal work. We offer expert advice matters concerning both financing and leasing. Many years in the telecommunications sector and the energy sector, combined with managerial positions in both Swedish and multinational companies, have given us extensive experience in regulatory and licensing issues, internal regulations, capital issues, and more.

Labor law

Swedish labor laws are extensive, detailed and a headache for many employers.

The comprehensive regulatory framework regulates the rights and obligations of employers and employees respectively. Legal issues can appear when employments are terminated, but also when a business needs to be restructured or operations curtailed. Mergers and acquisitions, safety issues and similar concerns are also regulated through labor law and may involve negotiations with trade unions.

We have extensive experience of labor law and have also assisted clients in a wide range of employment disputes, including lawsuits.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you acquire a company, naturally you want to know exactly what you are about to purchase. Similarly, as a seller you should be aware of what you are selling. Any lack of knowledge may result in the purchase price is too high, or too low.

Regardless the scale of the transaction a careful investigation of the company for sale, due diligence, requires high standards of expertise in numerous fields of law. Due diligence is primarily acts as basis for decision for the buyer, but is also negotiating support for the seller.

We have extensive experience of assignments on behalf of both buyers and sellers. Furthermore, we have participated as qualified advisors in a range of mergers and acquisitions – from large and complex ones to smaller less complicated, both in Sweden and beyond.

Intellectual Property, Marketing and Media law

Have you considered protecting your thoughts and ideas?

Intellectual property – patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, etc. – are the most valuable assets in many companies. The ability to create, use, and protect the intellectual property is often crucial for a company’s survival, competitiveness and success.

We can help you secure and protect the intellectual property rights belonging to your company. Likewise, we can assist in establishing various agreements, such as the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights and the management of rights in connection with acquisitions.

IT law

The rapid development of information technology is a constant challenge for legislators and lawyers. We have many years experience working in this multifaceted, diverse and expansive industry. Recurring we also give lectures on IT law. Finally, we have also participated in the drafting of several standard agreements now used in IT business.

Corporate Commercial

Our experience in writing, reviewing and evaluating commercial agreements is extensive, and spring from different industries and areas, such as retail, distribution, franchise, etc. Depending on the needs or requests, we help our clients during the complete contractual process or just during particular stages, e.g. from writing or reviewing drafts and assisting in contract negotiations.

Real Estate

Management, exploitation, development, acquisition or sale of real estate can sometimes be complex projects, involving multiple parties, including tenants, authorities and neighbors. We are familiar with the many issues that may complicate real estate deals and we assists in all types of cases including rental issues, planning and building matters, licensing, as well as in various court processes.

Public Procurement

You may rely on us in a public procurement process, whether you are for tendering a contract or representing the contracting authorities. We have experience in representing both parties and we provide advice and support during all stages of the procurement procedures. We can review and process contract specifications as well as evaluate the tenders and make court appeals.

Dispute Resolution

Have you gotten into a dispute or have you been sued? Each one can end up being a lengthy and costly process if it is not handled in the best possible way. We have far-reaching experience in dispute resolution by arbitration or in court. In a court case, you can demand your rights and fulfillment of payment obligation with the support of an existing agreement, and thus improve your situation.

Insolvency and Debt Restructurings

In case of financial difficulties or distress – whether it concerns your own business or claims on someone else’s – it is always prudent to seek advice as early as possible. We assist in matters related to bankruptcies, debt restructurings, voluntary agreements and insolvencies.

Succession and Family Law

It is sometimes difficult to draw a clear line between work and private life, it is particularly true of many small, sole proprietorships and family businesses. Many issues, such as partition of joint property, generational change and inheritance may well have direct repercussions on the business’ financial situation. We help all types of family law matters, both those of a strictly personal nature and those related to entrepreneurship.